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Want that epilogue pages for you guys who read Bleach? Here it is:

>Gengoro Onabara, Director of the Academy, brings Kira a letter from Renji inviting people to a get-together that night, it is also addressed to Hinamori
>Kira asks if he wants to come too but Gengoro has too much work
>while they're talking Yoruichi leaps through the open window and asks how they're doing, hands on her hips and a big grin on her face
>she takes a seat too and remarks it's been half a year since she saw Kira, is he getting along with Ootoribashi (Rose)?
>Yoruichi and Rose are long acquaintances because the latter kept bringing instruments back from the Human World and asked the Shihoin House's band to fix them
>Yoruichi visits Third Division's office once or twice a year with souvenirs (snacks?) from the Human World, and got to know Kira too

Kira says yeah, they get along, he has gotten used to Rose's performances while working
>there are a lot of instruments in Third Division's offices and Rose spontaneously plays them on a whim etc etc
>they ask Yoruichi how her work is going as a teacher
>she produces a sheet of paper and says the ones listed can officially join the Gotei
>one name is circled and Yoruichi says he can go to 9th Division, he's poor at Hakuda but intelligent and writing is his hobby

>Kira is surprised that Yoruichi is taking her teacher role seriously
>she thought it would be a pain (still thinks it is) but it was either become a special instructor or rejoin the Gotei and be the Captain of 8th Division
>Kyoraku ordered her to train the 5th and 6th level students in Hakuda and Shunpo
>each division was told to nominate at least one person to be an Academy instructor because most of the original teachers died in the Soul King War
>during the battle, most of the students had evacuated to the dorms

>since so much reiatsu was gathered in one place, the Vandenreich soldiers concentrated their attacks on the students and the instructors engaged them in a defensive battle
>the instructors were all skilled seated officers but vastly outnumbered and killed one by one
>just when all hope seemed lost, a masked shinigami appeared
>"Super Hero is here!" Obviously Mashiro, the autistic cunt no one likes
>Kensei had taken Hisagi to fight the Sternritters and Mashiro had thrown a tantrum but he told her to go to the Academy and protect the future shinigami

>she Hollowified and saved the students but only a third of the instructors survived and replenishing the shingami's numbers became the highest priority
>"Soul King War... revolting name," spat Yoruichi, and Kira agrees
>after Ichigo defeated Bach, the corpse was carried to the palace by the Zero Division
>it held a lot of spiritual energy and was therefore surrounded by hundreds of barriers to become a new linchpin, so the world did not crumble etc etc
>they named the Vandenreich invasion "Soul King War" and taught the students that the Soul King Palace was saved, the Soul King wasn't killed
>Kira thinks the history HE learned may have been rewritten like that

The rest of the text posted is super interesting too. The director leaves and Yoruichi decides she wants to see the big hole in Kira's chest, Kira tries to push her away, director comes back in with a couple of students and sees her riding a half stripped Kira. Rumors spread and Sui Feng starts glaring at Kira.

Here is the part of the novel that was translated before it came out.


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